La Tordera – Saomi Brut

tordera-prosecco-saomiThe grapes from this wine come from the vineyard ”Saomì”, where microclimate and soil are ideal for the cultivation of Glera grape variety.This well-balanced wine is particularly fresh and its fruit is exalted by a quite lively character.
VINEYARD LOCATION Saomì in Bigolino.
COLOR : Bright straw-yellow, with nuances of green.
PERLAGE : Fine grain perlage with persistent foam.
AROMAS : Fruity with scents of pippin apple, notes of Mediterranean herbs, and a slight hint of vanilla and acacia flowers.
TASTE This well-balanced wine is particularly fresh and its fruit is exalted by a quite lively character. Aftertaste is persistent and elegant.
SERVING SUGGESTIONS Ideal as aperitif, it is a good accompaniment also in formal dinners, especially fish based, or with light first courses.
SERVICE 6 – 8° C (43°- 46° F).

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The La Tordera Estate was born in the hills of Valdobbiaddene, an area between the lagoon of Venice and the mighty Dolomite mountains.  This is the heart of the Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG.
Innovation and progress notwithstanding, we remain drawn to the earth and its traditions.  We challenge ourselves daily to run our business in the greenest and most environmentally harmonious way possible as a way to honor the legacies given to us by our forefathers and with respect towards the future generations.

The Family
For almost a century the Vettoretti family has been devoted towards the cultivation of the golden grapes of our lands.  Their love for the vineyards and their fruits was installed by Great Grandfather Bepi, who in the nineteen twenties started caring for a vineyard on La Tordera hillock in Cartizze.  His teachings are the foundations that have allowed Gabriella, Renato and Paolo, with guidance from their parents Pietro and Mirella, to found a company with La Tordera name in 2001.

Natural Balance
“Natural Balance”.  We believe this starts with a dedication towards sustainable agriculture that respects the environment, the local economy and the social traditions of our region.  As applied to the winemaking process, the goal of “Natural Balance” is to make a Prosecco that is clean, healthy and easy to drink and whose values are rooted in the earth and with respect to the rhythms and flavors of nature

Rooted In Our Land
Our winery farms lands that are almost exclusively in our full control. Every aspect of the production process- from the farming of the grapes to the bottling- is directly overseen by member of the Vettoretti family. We are very proud to give a full family seal of approval on every aspect of the production process.

Natural And Wholesome
Our vineyards are located within 15 km of the winery and are harvested exclusively by hand in order to maintain the integrity of the grapes. This geographic positioning allows us to move the grapes quickly and frequently from the vineyards to the winery, thus allowing us to eliminate the need for pre-fermentation sulfite use and giving us a healthier wine with greater drinkability.

Sustainable agriculture is about respecting the land our forefathers gave us and leaving it intact for the future generations. For this reason we have invested in a green certified winery that limits our impact on the natural resources, we use renewable energy and we use recycled and ecological materials for all our packaging.

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La Tordera




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